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Sad Video of Junior Pope’s 1st Son Crying Bitterly At His Fathers Funeral Hits Online

Today marks the final burial of the late Nollywood actor John Paul Odonwodo, also known as Junior Pope, who passed away on April 10, 2024.

Videos from the funeral procession have surfaced online, causing a stir on social media.

One particular video from the church service that garnered emotional responses showed Junior Pope’s eldest son breaking down in tears, saying “Life is just useless.”

This moment resonated with many online viewers, as they empathized with the young boy’s grief over losing his father.

Another video captured Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer Awele, weeping uncontrollably as the funeral procession began.

In this heartbreaking moment, Junior Pope’s son was seen comforting his mother by wiping away her tears.

The emotional scenes from Junior Pope’s burial sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with many expressing sympathy for the actor’s family.

Comments ranged from sorrow and empathy to prayers for the grieving family.

The overwhelming emotions displayed by Junior Pope’s loved ones during his final send-off have left a profound impact on viewers, reminding them of the pain of loss and the importance of cherishing loved ones.

Watch the viral clip below:


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