Safo Newman Doesn’t Look Healthy – Efya Dragon tells people around him to give him balanced diet

TikTok sensation, Efya Dragon, has extended a helping hand to rising music star, Safo Newman. Amidst Newman’s rapid media tour following his recent breakthrough, Dragon has advised him to prioritize his health.

In a recent TikTok video, she expressed concern over Newman’s health and offered to take care of his nutritional needs.

Dragon, known for her candidness, voiced her worries, stating that Newman doesn’t appear healthy. She believes his hectic schedule and inadequate diet are to blame. She urged Newman to seek professional medical advice to prevent any potential health crises during performances.

In a surprising twist, Dragon offered to cook for Newman until he regains his health. Her proposition is driven by her belief that a balanced diet is crucial for overall well-being. She hopes that her meals will help the young star maintain his energy levels and enhance his performance on stage.

Dragon went a step further, suggesting that she would consider marriage if her culinary efforts result in Newman’s improved health. This unexpected declaration from the popular TikToker has garnered much attention on social media.

While the offer may seem unusual, it emphasizes the importance of health for artists who are often under immense pressure from the entertainment industry. Newman is yet to respond to Dragon’s offer.

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