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Salinko praises Noble Nketia for Paving the Way for his successful Acting Career”

Ghanaian actor Salinko has attributed his successful acting career to musician Noble Nketia. The Kumawood actor, speaking on the “Okukuseku” show, shared that they were both aspiring footballers before diverging into different career paths. It was Nketia who helped Salinko realise his potential as an actor.

Salinko, who had been focusing on his education with the ambition of becoming a lawyer, was introduced to Prince Media by Nketia, where he learnt editing and camera handling skills.

The actor reminisces about his early days working with Bernard and Mc Abraham at Prince Media. Salinko’s comedic talent caught the attention of Reverend Nasap, who, with Nketia’s and Bernard’s approval, sent him to Accra to hone his skills.

In Accra, Salinko was part of the “Music Music” show where he met Basket Mouth and Paa Kwasi Arko, the producer of the show. With the support of EIB Network boss, Bola Ray, he was given the opportunity to perform on stage, which marked the beginning of his acting journey.

Salinko has since grown into a successful Kumawood actor, always acknowledging the significant role Noble Nketia played in his career. He also shared that Nketia faced many challenges, inspiring his song “S3 me tease”. Despite their different career paths, the bond between Salinko and Nketia remains strong.

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