Sally Mann receives Public Backlash after weeping and Pleading for Funds to Aid Moesha Buduong

Sally Mann has come under fire from Ghanaians after shedding tears during a plea for donations to aid in the medical care of Moesha Buduong. Mann’s emotional appeal for Buduong, who is currently in a coma, has been met with criticism rather than compassion from the public.

Mann, on behalf of Buduong, implored the Ghanaian populace to show empathy towards the ailing model and socialite, who is reported to have fallen into a coma after a club visit went awry. It’s reported that Buduong fell and hit her head, leading to a concussion and subsequently slipping into a coma.

To manage Buduong’s escalating medical expenses, her family has set up a GoFundMe account. Mann’s tearful plea was aimed at soliciting the public’s help in contributing towards this cause.

However, the plea has been met with mixed reactions. While some Ghanaians expressed empathy towards Buduong and her family, others have been less sympathetic, attributing her current predicament to her alleged past behavior, which includes accusations of being involved in relationships with married men for monetary gains.

Despite the public backlash against Mann’s appeal, the GoFundMe account remains active for those willing to contribute to Buduong’s medical expenses.


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