Sammy Rasta Defends Nana Ama McBrown’s Lip Fillers, States It’s For Movie Role Not Vanity

Director Sammy Rasta has defended actress Nana Ama McBrown’s decision to get lip fillers, stating that it was for an upcoming movie role and not for the sake of vanity. He made these remarks in response to recent social media backlash over McBrown’s new look.

Rasta, in a TV XYZ discussion, argued that such body modifications are common among actors preparing for roles. “People go through all sorts of body changes for movie roles. McBrown’s lip fillers were meant for a movie role,” he stated.

The director further criticized how Ghanaians have been dictating celebrities’ lives. He voiced his frustration over the expectation for celebrities to disclose their personal plans to the public.

Rasta also revealed that the movie for which McBrown got the lip fillers also stars Aba Dope, a popular Ghanaian socialite known for wearing lip fillers. The movie is centered around the two characters.

McBrown had earlier been spotted at an event with noticeably fuller lips, leading to public speculation about her having undergone the procedure. Online critics suggested that she was influenced by Aba Dope. These criticisms, according to Rasta, are unnecessary and excessive, as such transformations are part of the acting profession.

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