Sarkodie and I are not friends – Yvonne Nelson

Article summary

• Nelson’s memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” revealed a strained relationship with rapper Sarkodie.
• Nelson’s memoir details a difficult decision to have an abortion.
• The relationship has deteriorated since the book’s release.
• Nelson emphasized the importance of honesty, even if it causes discomfort.
• She emphasized the importance of young girls speaking up and sharing their truths.
• Nelson’s openness underscores the importance of being true to oneself and sharing one’s story.


Actress Yvonne Nelson recently discussed the strained relationship she has with rapper Sarkodie, which has become more strained since the release of her memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

In her book, Nelson shared details about a past relationship with Sarkodie that included a difficult decision to have an abortion.

Since the book came out, their relationship has deteriorated, with Nelson acknowledging the distance between them.

During an interview on Onua FM, Nelson emphasized the importance of being honest, even if it causes discomfort for others.

Yvonne Nelson Sarkodie

She mentioned that there was no existing conflict between them, but they are not close friends anymore after the revelations in her book.

Nelson expressed that it is crucial for young girls to speak up and share their truths, even if it may make others uneasy.

She stated, “We are telling our young girls to speak up, and if you’ll speak up for people to feel uncomfortable, then that is their problem so far as you are telling the truth.”

Nelson’s openness about her past experiences highlights the significance of being true to oneself and sharing one’s story, regardless of the reactions it may provoke.


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