See what Adekunle Gold gifted his wife Simi that got their daughter Deja angry

A video of Nigerian singer Simi arriving in the United States of America following a brief stay in London has sparked discussions online. In the video, Simi is shown receiving a thoughtful gift at the airport from her husband, prompting a range of emotions from viewers.

The clip also captures their daughter Deja’s immediate reaction upon seeing the gift, which quickly gained attention online.

The arrival of Simi in the US after her time in London has garnered significant interest, particularly due to the touching moment of her receiving a special gift from her husband.

The gesture seemed to touch the hearts of many, as it symbolized a thoughtful and loving relationship between the couple.

However, it was the reaction of their daughter Deja that truly stole the show. Her genuine and heartfelt response to seeing the gift was captured on camera, and it quickly went viral.

The innocence and sincerity in her words struck a chord with viewers, making her a beloved figure in the online conversation surrounding the video.

Overall, the video of Simi’s arrival in the US, the gift from her husband, and Deja’s heartwarming reaction have all contributed to a widespread discussion online, showcasing the love and connection within their family.

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