See why these wedding pictures of couple are trending

A couple’s wedding photos have gone viral on social media due to the facial expressions captured in the images. Both the groom and the bride appear serious, tired, and somewhat sad in the pictures, leading many online users to speculate that they may have been forced into marriage.

The comments on the photos range from humorous to concerning, with some suggesting that the couple looks unhappy and possibly regretful about their decision to tie the knot.

Some of the comments include remarks like “I can’t believe my eyes,” “She needs help…we never can tell,” and “Forced marriage is now the norm in the East I guess.”

Others point out the couple’s weary appearance, with one user noting that they look discouraged and demoralized in both body and spirit. Some commenters even joke that the photographer must have instructed them to pose in such a solemn manner.

Despite the speculation and jokes, there are also more serious concerns raised about the couple’s well-being and the circumstances surrounding their marriage.

One comment suggests that the bride may have been given to the groom as a form of repayment for a debt owed by her parents, while another implies that she may have married an older man against her will.

Overall, the wedding photos have sparked a mix of amusement, curiosity, and genuine concern among social media users, prompting a debate about the realities of marriage and the importance of consent in relationships.

See the photos below:

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