“Selfish Kwaku Manu always wants to use people to make money”- Ghanaians React to Kwaku Manu’s youtube video after he spoke about Funny Face’s issue

Kwaku Manu, a popular Kumawood actor and media personality, has come under fire from Ghanaians for his comments regarding the recent troubles faced by his colleague Funny Face.

Known for addressing various issues on his YouTube channel, Kwaku Manu decided to weigh in on Funny Face’s situation. However, it seems that many Ghanaians have seen through his intentions and criticized him for it.

In a video that he recorded himself, Kwaku Manu suggested that Funny Face should take responsibility for his current predicaments.

He stated that it was not true for Funny Face to claim that he is unable to see his children as the reason for his troubles. Kwaku claimed to be close to the family of Funny Face’s ex-wife, Vannessa, and mentioned that they are always willing to welcome Funny Face, but his pride prevents him from reaching out.

One netizen took to social media to express their disapproval of Kwaku Manu’s video, accusing him of always trying to capitalize on situations for his own benefit.

The netizen’s comment reflects the sentiment of many Ghanaians who feel that Kwaku Manu may have ulterior motives behind his public statements.

Overall, Kwaku Manu’s comments have not been well-received by the public, with many questioning his motives and sincerity in addressing Funny Face’s issues.

It remains to be seen how this backlash will impact Kwaku Manu’s reputation in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

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