“Sharing the gender of your pregnancy online is not necessary”- Netizens advise Asantewaa after she reveals its a boy.

Actress and TikTok star Asantewaa has received advice from Ghanaians to reveal fewer details about her newborn child on social media.

After years of being made fun of and labeled as a barren woman, Asantewaa finally silenced her critics by proudly displaying her baby bulge.

Asantewaa, filled with happiness, shared how she believes God has silenced her enemies by blessing her with a child.

One of the celebrities in Ghana who is bullied the most is the actress and TikTok star. There were even speculations circulated by some that she was become sterile as a result of having more than ten abortions.

Asantewaa, who was ecstatic about her pregnant adventure, made the decision to share the entire process step-by-step.

She disclosed the baby’s gender in pictures she posted during her baby shower. She also uploaded a video of herself being carried by nurses to the delivery room where her son was born.

In response to this, concerned fans have suggested that she should be more cautious about sharing personal details in order to prevent her enemies from finding ammunition to use against her.

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