She Bought It For Maxwell Until He Started Fooling – Social Media Reacts As McBrown Gifts Aba Dope Male Purse

Ghanaian socialite and entrepreneur Aba Dope recently shared a video of herself unboxing a gift from Nana Ama McBrown.

In the video, Aba expressed her excitement as she unveiled the surprise gift, which was an authentic leather purse.

According to Aba, McBrown had informed her that she had some items lying around her house that were going to waste because she wasn’t using them, and she promised to give her something special.

Although Aba appreciated the quality of the purse, she noted that it was not particularly flashy or feminine.

This led fans to speculate that McBrown may have originally purchased the purse for her husband Maxwell, but decided to give it to Aba instead after their relationship ended.

The rumors surrounding the gift have sparked discussion on social media, with users sharing their thoughts on the situation.

The video of Aba unboxing the gift from McBrown has since gone viral, with many people chiming in with their own theories and opinions.

It seems that social media users always have something interesting to say about every situation!

Check out the video below;


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