Social Media Shocked over the massive transformational video of a lady who joined the trendy ‘Esther was black and broke’ challenge (watch video)

Esther, a woman from Nigeria, has recently become a topic of discussion after participating in the popular social media challenge known as ‘Esther was black and broke.

This challenge involves people sharing photos of their past struggles with finances alongside their current, more stable situations.

Esther’s involvement in this challenge has attracted attention due to the stark difference between her old and new photos.

In her video titled ‘Esther was black and broke, but When Esther Sees Money, Established,’ she documents her journey from financial hardship to a more secure position.

The photo from her past shows her during a time when she described herself as being in a difficult financial situation, while her current photo displays a remarkable transformation, with Esther looking healthier, more vibrant, and more beautiful.

The challenge and Esther’s participation in it have sparked debates among viewers.

Some have praised her resilience and transformation, while others have raised concerns about the potential implications of the challenge.

The caption ‘Esther, established’ accompanying her current photo suggests a sense of accomplishment and success after overcoming financial struggles.

Many see her story as one of empowerment and progress. However, the challenge has also faced criticism for possibly perpetuating negative stereotypes about wealth and appearance.

As Esther’s photos circulated online, the comment section became a platform for various perspectives and discussions, with concerned individuals expressing both positive and negative views on the challenge and its portrayal of financial improvement.

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