social media Users React As Wesley Kesse’s gay outfit For the TGMA (Watch video)

Ghanaian social media influencer Wesley Kesse’s attire at the 25th TGMA event has sparked quite a bit of discussion among onlookers, who are curious about his fashion choices.

Kesse opted for a bold red ensemble, featuring a red shirt paired with a matching oversized red coat.

He completed the look with stylish shades and what appeared to be a perm hairstyle, possibly a frontal.

Despite the raised eyebrows and curious glances from others, Kesse seemed unfazed by the attention and confidently posed for several photos on the red carpet before making his way into the auditorium for the event.

The outfit chosen by Kesse has left many wondering about his fashion sensibilities and the reasoning behind his bold choice of attire.

While some may question his unconventional style, others admire his confidence and willingness to stand out from the crowd.

Kesse’s outfit certainly made a statement and showcased his individuality and unique sense of style.

Overall, Kesse’s outfit at the 25th TGMA event has garnered attention and sparked discussions, proving that he is unafraid to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion.

His bold fashion choices have certainly made him a standout figure at the event, and his confidence in his own style is something to be admired.

Watch video below…

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