“Some Bitter Ghanaians Caused my Disqualification By Sending Videos Of Me Resting to Guinness” – Afua Asantewaa

Afua Asantewaa is attributing her disqualification from the Guinness World Records sing-a-thon to the actions of some Ghanaians who allegedly sent videos of her contest to the organizers, claiming she was breaking rules.

She believes these individuals were determined to see her fail and therefore sabotaged her attempt at achieving the record. Initially, when she was disqualified, Asantewaa kept the information private and expressed her anger towards Ghanaians.

However, when the Guinness World Records publicly revealed the reason for her disqualification, she denied receiving any message from them and insisted that fame was not her motivation for participating in the challenge as she was already well-known.

As a result of her confrontational behavior towards Ghanaians, she has now alienated herself from the public. Asantewaa is now asserting that her disqualification was not due to her own failure to follow the rules, but rather the result of actions taken by vindictive individuals from her own country.

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