Someone special disappointed me- Gyakie reveals why she wrote her song “December”

Ghanaian musician Gyakie recently revealed the inspiration behind her latest song, “December.”

According to the songstress, she wrote the song out of pain and disappointment from someone who was important to her.

During an interview on TV3, Gyakie emphasized that the song was not just something she randomly came up with, but rather a product of deep emotions and personal experiences.

She urged listeners to take the lyrics seriously, as they were a reflection of her true feelings.

Gyakie explained that every line in the song was sincere and not just crafted for the sake of writing a song.

She admitted that she was in a melancholic state when she created the song, feeling disconnected from reality and needing to rediscover herself.

The singer shared that she had faced betrayal from someone special, which led her to contemplate starting over with her music.

She even confessed to experiencing suicidal thoughts during this difficult time.

Gyakie expressed the need to use this period of introspection to find her true sound and reconnect with her artistry.

In summary, Gyakie’s song “December” was born out of a deep emotional turmoil and a desire to rediscover herself amidst personal struggles and disappointments.

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