Aba Dope

Stay in Ghana and build your dreams, life abroad is not easy – Aba Dope

Ghanaian social media influencer Aba Dope recently spoke out about some common misconceptions surrounding life abroad, cautioning that it is not as glamorous as it may seem.

In a live discussion on TV3’s ‘Ladies Circle’ on April 22, 2024, Aba Dope, whose real name is Aba Martin, shared the harsh realities of living in other countries, such as the high cost of living and challenging work environments.

She emphasized that the image of an easy and luxurious life overseas is often misleading, as the expenses for necessities like monthly bills, transportation, and food can be overwhelming.

Aba Dope also advised against blindly trusting individuals who promise to help with relocation abroad, warning that it can lead to loss of freedom and independence.

She recounted stories of people being trapped in situations where they were not able to regain control over their lives after relying on others for assistance.

Despite these challenges, Aba Dope encouraged Ghanaians to pursue their dreams in their home country, even if support is lacking initially.

She urged individuals to take the first step towards their goals, as it could eventually lead to finding the necessary help along the way.

Aba Dope’s remarks come at a time when many African countries, including Ghana, are experiencing a significant outflow of citizens seeking opportunities abroad.


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