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Stop Attacking Me, I Applied For My Cookathon Before Chef Faila – Chef Smith

Ebenezer Smith, better known as the Millennium Chef, has responded to criticisms from some Ghanaians who claim that his recent cookathon attempt is a deliberate ploy to overshadow another chef, Faila.

Smith, who is attempting a staggering 360-hour cookathon from February 1 to 15, 2024, has been accused of trying to steal the limelight from Chef Faila, who is also making a record attempt.

In a calm and composed response, Chef Smith refuted these allegations, stating that his cookathon plans were in motion long before Faila announced hers. He explained that he had applied to the Guinness World Records well in advance of Chef Faila’s cookathon announcement.

Chef Smith’s cookathon, which will run for 15 consecutive days, aims to set a new record in the culinary world. The Millennium Chef, though perplexed by the accusations, has respectfully asked the public to refrain from pitting him against his fellow chef.

Despite the controversy, Chef Smith remains focused on his upcoming cookathon. The culinary maestro is known for his dedication and perseverance, traits that will undoubtedly be put to the test during his ambitious 360-hour culinary marathon.

While Chef Faila’s supporters view Smith’s attempt as a challenge, others see it as a celebration of Ghana’s rich culinary heritage. As the heated discussion continues, all eyes are on the two chefs as they embark on their respective record-breaking attempts.


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