“Stop crushing on people’s husbands and tell yours to bath, dress and smell well” – Sonia advises her colleagues

Sonia, the former wife of Jude Ighalo, recently shared some valuable advice for married women on her Instagram account. She emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s own husband rather than being envious of others.

Sonia advised women to focus on making their own husbands more appealing by encouraging them to dress well, smell good, eat a balanced diet, and avoid alcohol. In her post, Sonia specifically called out women who are constantly admiring and “awwwning” over other people’s husbands.

She urged them to redirect their attention towards their own partners and work on improving their relationship. Sonia’s message serves as a reminder for married women to prioritize their own marriages and invest time and effort into nurturing their bond with their husbands.

Sonia’s advice stems from her own personal experiences, as she went through a divorce with Jude Ighalo a few years ago. In a previous Instagram post, Sonia shared the reasons behind her decision to end her marriage. Her candid insights and reflections on relationships have resonated with many of her followers, who appreciate her honesty and vulnerability.

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