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“Stop Granting Interviews, You are Creating More Haters” – Netizens Advice Asantewaa

Ghanaians have advised Afua Asantewaa to refrain from giving interviews where she might reveal information that is not supposed to be disclosed.

This advice came after Asantewaa shared that the Guinness World Record management had violated their contract by releasing her results without her consent.

During an interview on GTV, she mentioned that the agreement in the contract stipulated that she would be informed of the results first before making them public. She expressed her disappointment, stating, “In the contract we signed, until I decide to let it out, they can’t.”

Asantewaa further explained that she has always been open about her failures in the past, which have ultimately led her to where she is now. Therefore, she saw no reason to hide the results from the public.

However, on February 23, when GWR responded to a tweet, Asantewaa revealed that she had not seen the results of her record attempt because she was unable to access the email containing them. Despite notifying GWR about her issue on February 12, she has not received a response from them.

In light of this, many people have advised Asantewaa to limit her interviews to avoid further complications. They believe that she may be sharing too much information and should exercise caution in her interactions with the media.


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