“Stop insulting when doing politics”- Agya Koo advises Mr Beautiful

Renowned comic actor Agya Koo has issued a warning to his colleague, Mr Beautiful, advising him to avoid disrespecting elders when discussing political issues.

Agya Koo’s comments were made in response to Mr Beautiful’s recent criticisms of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

Mr Beautiful had expressed his dissatisfaction with the NPP’s governance, suggesting that he would feel ashamed if he were in Agya Koo’s position due to the party’s perceived shortcomings.

However, Agya Koo believes that while everyone is entitled to their political opinions, it is important to express them respectfully without resorting to insults.

During an interview on Onus FM, Agya Koo stressed the significance of civil discourse in political conversations, emphasizing that disagreements should not lead to disrespect, especially towards elders.

He expressed his concern about Mr Beautiful’s habit of insulting elders when sharing his views, highlighting the necessity of mutual respect and decorum in public discussions.

Agya Koo mentioned, “I have observed Mr Beautiful for a long time, and it seems that he struggles to express his opinions without disrespecting elders.

I was raised with good manners, and I would advise him to refrain from such behavior.”

Agya Koo also emphasized the importance of fostering a constructive dialogue in politics, promoting healthy debates and discussions as crucial elements of the democratic process.

He encouraged individuals to express their opinions in a way that fosters understanding and cooperation, rather than division and animosity.

Ultimately, Agya Koo’s message serves as a reminder that respect and civility should be maintained in all interactions, particularly when discussing sensitive topics like politics.


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