“Take The Children And Chew Them” – Funny Face calls out His Baby Mama As They fight

Ghanaian actor and comedian, Funny Face, has once again taken to social media to express his disappointment and frustration with his baby mama, Vanessa. In a recent video shared on his social media platforms on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, Funny Face opened up about the turbulent nature of his relationship with Vanessa, highlighting her actions that have left him feeling betrayed and angry.

In the video, Funny Face revealed how Vanessa allegedly tried to trigger a relapse in him after they recently reconnected and he finally got the chance to speak to their children after four years. He expressed his dismay over Vanessa’s sudden change in behavior, noting that she now makes excuses whenever he wants to talk to their children.

Despite Vanessa reaching out to apologize and him unblocking her, Funny Face expressed confusion and frustration over her actions that prevented him from communicating with their children after seemingly reconciling. He warned Vanessa to be careful before he takes drastic actions.

In another Instagram post, Funny Face told Vanessa to keep the children to herself and do as she pleases with them. He announced his plans to sell his properties and move to another country to start afresh.

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