Take Your Kids For DNA Test If Your Wife Is Supporting Mohbad’s Wife – Actress Charity Nnaji Urges Men


Well-known Nigerian actress, Charity Nnaji, has shared her thoughts on the controversy surrounding Wunmi, the widow of late Mohbad, who refused to do a DNA test on her son, Liam.

Nnaji advised men whose wives support Wunmi’s decision to be cautious. She suggested that if Wunmi truly had nothing to hide, she should be willing to do the test.

Nnaji warned men to take action if they suspect their wives are in support of Wunmi’s stance. She urged men to consider paternity fraud if their wives are backing Wunmi.

Nnaji emphasized the importance of clearing any doubts and not allowing oneself to be deceived by a partner who may be hiding the truth.

She encouraged men to take the necessary steps to ensure their peace of mind and avoid being misled by a deceitful spouse.

Nnaji’s message serves as a reminder for men to trust their instincts and not overlook any suspicious behavior from their partners.

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