TC Okafor

“TC Okafor was ringing a bell while they were on the boat and river doesn’t like that on market days”- Villagers reveal

Nollywood actor TC Okafor was also involved in the tragic boat accident that took the lives of Jnr Pope and several others, but miraculously survived.

Witnesses from the village where the incident occurred reported that Okafor was ringing a bell while on the boat, a practice that is considered taboo during market days near the river according to their traditions.

Africans need to revere and uphold their cultural traditions and values, as they are deeply ingrained in the fabric of society.

When visiting new places, it is essential to learn and respect the customs, traditions, and cultures of the local community, as long as they are not harmful or oppressive.

Traditions are closely linked to nature, and those who disregard them may face consequences, as seen in the tragic events of April 10, 2024, where three lives, including that of the beloved Nollywood actor Jnr Pope, were lost.

It is a reminder that respecting traditions is crucial in maintaining harmony and balance within communities.


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