Th!ck Slay Queen Plaxedes Doobae Reveals How She Makes Money And Affords Her Lavish Lifestyle

Plaxedes Doobae, a well-known Zimbabwean plus-size model and social media personality, has shared insights into how she earns money and maintains her luxurious lifestyle.

Known for her advocacy of body positivity and inclusivity, Plaxedes has garnered a large following on social media, where she shares her life, fashion, and messages of self-love.

Beyond her modeling career, she has become a vibrant social media personality, inspiring many with her confidence and empowerment of plus-size individuals.

Plaxedes, also known as MaDube, often surprises her fans with racy photos showcasing her curvy figure, sparking imaginations.

Recently, she answered a fan’s question about her financial success, revealing that she hustles to cover her basic needs and indulges in a lavish lifestyle with the support of her loving partner.

Plaxedes advises people to choose their life partners wisely, emphasizing the importance of having a supportive and caring relationship.

With her resilience and charm, Plaxedes continues to captivate and motivate her followers, demonstrating that success and happiness can be achieved through hard work and meaningful relationships.



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