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“The Bortos in South Africa Is Too Big” – Evangelist Suro Nyame says as he enjoys Holiday In South Africa

Ghanaian street preacher Evangelist Suro Nyame is currently having a great time in South Africa, thanks to the local women.

During his visit for vacation, he has found love and is relishing every moment spent with his new partner. In a video that he shared online, he was praising his South African girlfriend for her ample backside.

Evangelist Suro Nyame was seen walking with the woman at night, repeatedly questioning her about the reason behind her large backside.

The preacher seems to be thoroughly enjoying his time in South Africa, as he appreciates the beauty of the women there.

His admiration for his new partner’s physical attributes was evident in the video, where he couldn’t stop talking about her big “bortos.”

This lighthearted moment captured on camera showcases the preacher’s playful and jovial nature as he explores the sights and sounds of South Africa.

Evangelist Suro Nyame’s experience in South Africa highlights the connections and relationships that can be formed while traveling.

His enthusiastic and humorous demeanor towards his newfound love interest demonstrates the joy and excitement that can come from meeting new people in different parts of the world.

Overall, his time in South Africa seems to be filled with laughter, love, and memorable experiences.

Watch video below…

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