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The doctor who said I would d!e at age 20 is now dead- Nacee

Ghanaian gospel musician Nacee shared a personal story of overcoming a grim medical prognosis during a recent interview on Hitz FM.

He revealed that he was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at a young age, and the doctor who delivered the news had predicted that he would not live past the age of 20 or 22.

However, Nacee defied the odds and is still alive today, while the doctor who made the prediction has since passed away.

Nacee credits his survival to his strong faith in God. He recounted a pivotal moment in church when he questioned why he was still suffering from sickness despite believing in a higher power.

After responding to a call to the altar and receiving prayers and anointing from his pastor, Nacee claims to have never needed medication or fallen ill again.

This experience has reinforced Nacee’s belief in the power of prayer and the importance of his Christian faith in overcoming challenges.

He sees his survival as a testament to God’s grace and protection in his life.

Nacee’s story serves as an inspiring example of resilience and the ability to defy medical expectations through faith and spiritual belief.

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