‘The hair around my wife’s navel, behind her waist captivated me’ – Oteele

Kumawood actor Stephen Yao Mawunyo, also known as ‘Oteele’, recently shared that he was initially captivated by his wife’s happy trails – the line of hair descending from her navel to her pubic area.

He also found the hair at the lower part of her back equally enchanting.

Reflecting on their first meeting on a film set, Oteele recalled feeling a strong connection and a sense that she was destined to be his partner.

He vividly remembered a moment when she was changing her clothes due to fatigue, revealing her unique hair features that drew him in.

After their paths separated on set, he made a trip to her hometown where she welcomed him with warm hospitality, leading to a deepening of their relationship.

Oteele’s wife, Gifty, shared that his inclusive vision of their future was what convinced her to build a life with him, stating that if given another chance, she would choose him all over again.

Gifty also opened up about a difficult period during their marriage when Oteele experienced sudden weight loss due to an unidentified illness, which lasted for three years until around 2022.

Despite the lack of a clear diagnosis, their bond remained strong as they faced this challenge together.

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