Benlord Ababio

The person who k!lled the military man in Kasoa over land was a Chief (see details of his arrest)

The Ghana Police Service has apprehended a suspect believed to be involved in the shooting of a military officer in Kasoa, Central Region.

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The incident took place on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at approximately 4:20 pm.

According to a police statement, the victim, a military personnel in his late 30s, was fatally shot during a confrontation with the suspect, identified as Benlord Ababio.

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The soldier, accompanied by two colleagues, had gone to the location to address an ongoing land dispute.

Initial investigations suggest that the soldiers, Lance Corporal Omar, Lance Corporal Ametus Mathew, and Lance Corporal Danso Michael, responded to a report of individuals working on land owned by Lance Corporal Omar.

After instructing the workers to cease their activities, the soldiers went to the Millennium City District Police Command to report the incident.

Upon their return, they encountered Benlord Ababio, the Gyasehene of Millennium City, who objected to them filing another complaint.

It was during this altercation that Benlord Ababio purportedly fired shots at the officers’ vehicle, resulting in the tragic death of Lance Corporal Danso Michael.

The injured officer was swiftly taken to the Mother and Child Hospital in Kasoa, but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

The other two officers managed to escape unscathed.

Benlord Ababio, the alleged assailant, is currently in police custody aiding with the investigation.

Authorities have confirmed ongoing coordination with the leadership of the Ghana Armed Forces as they delve deeper into the matter.

This unfortunate event underscores the prevailing land disputes in the Kasoa region and reinforces the urgency for effective conflict resolution mechanisms to prevent such violent incidents.


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