“There is no car on earth that i have not driven before”- evangelist, Edward Akwasi Boateng brags

Ghanaian musician and evangelist, Edward Akwasi Boateng, has caused a commotion online following the emergence of a new video featuring him.

In the viral footage, Boateng can be seen in a car, presumably the new vehicle he was gifted, alongside a young man who initially interviewed him and helped him gain popularity.

In the video, Boateng boasts about his driving skills, claiming that he has driven every type of car.

During the conversation captured in the video, the young man remarks that Boateng appears to have experience driving various vehicles. In response, Boateng chuckles and asserts that he has indeed driven all kinds of cars.

The young man then notes that Boateng must have been driving for a long time, to which Boateng confirms.

Boateng goes on to clarify that not all the cars he has driven in the past actually belonged to him. This revelation adds an interesting layer to the discussion, showcasing Boateng’s diverse experiences behind the wheel.

The video has sparked discussion and debate online, with many expressing surprise at Boateng’s claims. His confident demeanor and bold statements have captured the attention of viewers, making him a trending topic on social media platforms.

Boateng’s latest video has once again thrust him into the spotlight, showcasing his charismatic personality and unique experiences.

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