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“There is no hate between i and funny face, he is just not my friend”-Kalybos

Ghanaian comedian Richard Asante, popularly known as Kalybos, has clarified rumors of a rift between him and fellow comedian Funny Face.

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Kalybos stated that there is no bad blood between them, despite their once-close relationship fading over time due to various past events that shaped his views on friendships.

In an interview on Onua FM, Kalybos explained that he has become more selective about the company he keeps to avoid complications based on his life experiences.

He acknowledged that his bond with Funny Face is not as strong as before, but they are not enemies.

Kalybos emphasized that relationships can change due to circumstances and not everyone who enters one’s life is meant to stay.

Regarding accusations from Funny Face about pursuing a woman associated with him, Kalybos expressed confusion and assured that he wouldn’t involve himself with someone linked to Funny Face.

He mentioned that even his fiancée finds the allegations unfounded and jokes about them.

Kalybos urged the public to ignore any negativity from Funny Face, as he is uncertain about the reasons behind his actions.

It is worth noting that these issues arose before Kalybos recently tied the knot.


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