There was no peace at DWP- Dancegod reveals why he left

Professional Ghanaian dancer, Dancegod, has shed light on his decision to leave DWP (Dance With Purpose), a group he co-founded.

He explained that the main reason for his departure was the lack of peace within the group.

Dancegod revealed that he noticed many issues within the DWP camp and brought them to the attention of the managers, but his concerns were not addressed.

He expressed that he reached a point where he prioritized peace and harmony, which he was not finding in the group, leading him to leave.

Additionally, Dancegod mentioned that he wanted to have the opportunity to teach aspiring dancers, which was another factor that influenced his decision to depart from DWP.

When asked about his relationship with Afrobeast, his co-founder at DWP, Dancegod explained that they only communicate when they meet in person.

Despite his departure, Dancegod emphasized that he holds no grudges against Quables and Afrobeast, stating that he loves Quables dearly.

The statements from Dancegod were made during an interview where he opened up about his reasons for leaving DWP.

His desire for peace, harmony, and the opportunity to teach aspiring dancers were the key factors that led to his departure from the group he co-founded.


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