“There’s No Future Abroad, You Can’t Get Proper Food”- Osebo Discourages Ghanaians From Wasting Their Lives Abroad

Osebo The Zaraman, a prominent figure in the Ghanaian fashion industry, has advised Ghanaians living abroad to consider returning home as he believes there is no future for them in foreign countries.

Having personally experienced life in Europe before eventually moving back to Ghana and finding success in his career, Osebo is convinced that living abroad is not as fulfilling as it may seem.

He suggests that Ghanaians abroad are wasting their lives and should instead focus on building a future in their homeland.

Osebo emphasizes the importance of bringing back the capital they have accumulated abroad and investing it in businesses in Ghana.

He acknowledges that many immigrants aspire to invest in Ghana and eventually return, but he warns that finding trustworthy partners in their home country can be a challenge.

Osebo also points out the advantages of living in Ghana, such as the abundance of organic foods that are not readily available in foreign countries.

He believes that by returning to Ghana, Ghanaians can enjoy a better quality of life and contribute to the growth and development of their country.

In conclusion, Osebo The Zaraman encourages Ghanaians abroad to reconsider their future prospects and consider returning home to make a positive impact on their community and the nation as a whole.

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