There’s nothing wrong with pastor owning private Jet even if Church members are poor – Bishop Charles Agyin Asare

During an interview on JoyPrime, Bishop Agyin Asare expressed his opinion that there is nothing inappropriate about a pastor owning a private jet.

He mentioned that he does not own a private jet, but if given the opportunity, he would not reject it.

The Bishop justified the idea of a pastor owning a private jet by stating that it facilitates easier travel to other countries.

He recounted an experience where he had to endure an 8-hour journey to Congo and suggested that having a private jet would have reduced the travel time to just 3 hours.

Bishop Agyin Asare emphasized the convenience and efficiency that a private jet would offer in his ministry work, particularly when traveling long distances.

He highlighted the time saved and the flexibility that comes with owning a private jet, enabling him to reach more people with his message and ministry.

In conclusion, Bishop Agyin Asare defended the idea of pastors owning private jets as a practical tool for their ministry, rather than a display of luxury or excess.

He stressed that the primary purpose of owning a private jet would be to enhance the effectiveness of his work and outreach efforts, allowing him to connect with more people around the world in a timely and efficient manner.


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