“They sell everything in dollars, I will never build a house in Ghana again”- Sweet Adjeley reveals

Sweet Adjeley, a renowned Ghanaian chef and food vlogger, has lost interest in constructing a house in Ghana. During an interview with ZionFelix, she candidly discussed her disappointing experience with building in Ghana.

Currently residing in the United States, Sweet Adjeley expressed her dissatisfaction with the individuals responsible for constructing her house in Ghana.

According to her, they failed to meet her expectations and did not adhere to her instructions.

Initially, the construction was overseen by her brother, who is a doctor and was present in Ghana at the time. She mentioned that the builders were efficient during this period.

However, when her younger brother assumed supervision due to her absence, their work began to deteriorate.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, he was unable to visit the building site promptly, resulting in mismanagement by those in charge.

Consequently, Sweet Adjeley has decided against constructing another house in Ghana. She suggested that it would be more practical to purchase a pre-built house or personally supervise the construction by visiting Ghana.

Additionally, she commented on the exorbitant costs associated with land and building materials in the country. For a more comprehensive understanding, the interview can be viewed below.


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