‘They told me i look at like a man and my music was not appreciated’ – Wiyaala speaks about early career challenges

During an interview on 3FM Lounge, Wiyaala expressed her disappointment in Ghanaians who initially rejected her style of music.

She shared that she faced body shaming and her music was not appreciated when she first started her career.

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The singer mentioned that it was the diaspora community that embraced her quickly and supported her music.

Despite the lack of acceptance in her home country, Wiyaala found success abroad where her music was well-received.

She decided to focus on those who appreciated her rather than trying to convince Ghanaians to accept her.

Her management suggested collaborating with popular Ghanaian artists to gain acceptance in the industry, but Wiyaala found it financially draining and ultimately decided against it.

She emphasized that adapting to a different style would have required a significant amount of effort emotionally, psychologically, and financially.

Wiyaala trusted her instincts and concentrated on the international market where her music was selling well, believing that eventually, people in Ghana would come around.

Despite facing challenges, Wiyaala has achieved numerous awards and recognition for her unique style of music.

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