“They warned me to stop talking about Akufo Addo and threatened to kill me”- Bongo Ideas speaks after he was kidnapped

Controversial blogger, Bongo Ideas, also known as “I am the devil’s incarnate,” has broken his silence for the first time since he was reportedly kidnapped.

In a self-recorded video, the provocative entertainment critic acknowledged that there was some truth to the rumors circulating among Ghanaians.

Recounting the harrowing experience, Bongo Ideas revealed that on the 14th of March, a group of men claiming to be policemen arrived at his residence at 3 am with the intent of arresting him.

He described how they physically assaulted him, brandishing a gun and threatening to end his life as they instructed him to prepare for his final moments.

The blogger further disclosed that the alleged law enforcement officers warned him to cease discussing the President of Ghana, Akufo Addo, in his controversial posts.

Despite the terrifying ordeal, Bongo Ideas managed to escape from his captors and sought refuge before releasing the video to share his side of the story with the public.

This shocking revelation has sparked outrage and concern among Ghanaians, who are calling for a thorough investigation into the incident.

Many are questioning the safety of freedom of speech in the country, as well as the possible involvement of government officials in silencing dissenting voices.

The situation has raised important discussions about the protection of journalists and bloggers who speak truth to power in Ghana.

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