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“This is very Bad and Not sensible, BJ is not part of LGBTQ act” – Okyeame Kwame Ask About The Criminalization Of Bl()w J0b

Ghanaian artist and award-winning musician, Okyeame Kwame, shared his thoughts on the recent passing of the anti-LGBT+ bill by the Ghanaian Parliament during a panel discussion on UTV’s United Showbiz program.

He expressed that the section of the bill criminalizing LGBTQ+ activities is not his main concern, as he believes there are more pressing issues in Ghana at the moment. However, he found it puzzling that the bill would also criminalize acts like BJ (bl0w j0b), questioning the relevance of such a provision to the LGBT+ community.

Okyeame Kwame humorously mentioned that he was simply highlighting the concerns of the BJ association in Ghana when asked why he focused on that aspect of the bill.

The bill, approved on February 28, 2024, includes penalties of imprisonment for those involved in LGBTQ+ activities, ranging from six months to three years, as well as three to five years for promoting or supporting such activities. Okyeame Kwame’s comments shed light on the complexities and controversies surrounding the anti-LGBT+ bill in Ghana.

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