This Is Why Efia Odo Is Fighting With Prince Tod – Full Details With VIDEO

A social media user known as Prince Tod recently shared a video on his account showing him purchasing palm wine from Efia Odo’s restaurant.

In the video, he expressed his disappointment at the high price of the palm wine compared to what he could have bought from a roadside vendor for a much lower cost.

This comparison sparked a heated argument between Prince Tod and Efia Odo, the owner of the restaurant.

Prince Tod’s video quickly gained traction on social media, with many users taking sides in the debate. Some supported Prince Tod’s claim that the palm wine at the restaurant was overpriced, while others defended Efia Odo and her business practices.

The argument escalated as both parties traded insults and accusations online, with each trying to prove their point to their followers.

As the feud continued to unfold on social media, more people joined in on the debate, further fueling the flames of the conflict.

The back-and-forth exchanges between Prince Tod and Efia Odo became increasingly hostile, with neither willing to back down.

Ultimately, the dispute between them reached a boiling point, with both parties refusing to see eye to eye on the issue of the palm wine pricing.

The online drama between Prince Tod and Efia Odo serves as a cautionary tale of how quickly a simple comparison can escalate into a full-blown conflict on social media.

Checkout the video below…

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