Top 10 Tiktokers in Ghana and how much they make a month

There have been a lot of talented people who have become the best TikTok users in Ghana as the app’s fame has grown.

This article will talk about the top 10 TikTokers in Ghana and how much money they make each month.

These influencers have gained thousands or even millions of followers through dance challenges and comedic skits. They are now making money off of their success on the platform.

The top 10 TikTok users in Ghana are listed below:

1. Jackline Mensah

jackline mensah

Jackline Mensah is a very skilled TikTok user whose funny and entertaining dance videos have gained her a huge fan base.

Her unique style and catchy dance moves have put her at the top of the Ghanaian TikTok lists.

jackline mensah

With her rising fame, Jackline Mensah is not only getting more famous, but she is also making a lot of money through endorsements and brand partnerships.

jackline mensah

She is one of the highest-paid TikTokers in Ghana, with monthly earnings thought to be in the thousands of cedis.

Watch out for Jackline Mensah, who is still ruling the TikTok scene with her catchy dance moves and lively personality.

2. Hajia Bintu

hajia bintu

She’s famous on social media for having a curvy body and amazing dance moves.

The videos she posts on TikTok have been watched millions of times, and she has a lot of followers who can’t get enough of her fun videos.

hajia bintu

Because Hajia Bintu is so well-known, many brands have worked with her or sponsored her, which has only increased her fame and wealth.

Hajia bintu

With her big hips and behind, she continues to amaze people and solidify her place as one of Ghana’s most famous TikTokers.

3. Asantewaa


Another TikTok star, Asantewaa, has become very famous and rich thanks to her amazing dance moves.

Millions of people have watched her performances, which are full of energy and perfection.


Because Asantewaa can connect with her audience in a special way, she has a lot of loyal fans who can’t wait for her next video.


Because of her huge fan base, many brands and companies are interested in working with her. These lucrative partnerships have added to her already huge wealth.

Asantewaa continues to rule social media and solidify her position as one of Ghana’s top TikTokers thanks to her amazing skills and captivating personality.

4. Stargyal (afronitaaa)


Stargyal, whose stage name is Afronitaaa, is a beautiful and talented dancer whose mesmerizing moves have won over many hearts.

Her love and energy shine through in every video, leaving people in awe.


Stargyal has a unique style and a lot of energy that makes people want to follow her on social media, where she shares her amazing dance routines with everyone.


Brands and companies are interested in her because they see how talented she is and how much of a star she is.

Stargyal’s fame grows with each project she works on, making her one of the most promising dancers in the business.

5. Officialstarter

OfficialStarter has found the right path for his TikTok journey, and now everyone loves him and wants more.


People know the dancer as the man who dances with market women. This past year, his cute videos with market women took over TikTok in a different way.


He spent most of the time shirtless in most of his videos.


He now has more than 500k TikTok followers, and that number is still growing.

6. Demand and Supply

Ghanaian duo Clement Kumi and Justice Bempong, who go by the name Demand and Supply, have also had success on TikTok with their funny and unique videos.

The two people are very good at making skits and sketches that are based on real life in Ghana.

demand and supply

Their relatable videos has struck a chord with viewers, and they now have over 1 million true fans.

demand and supply

They are becoming more and more famous on TikTok, which has made Demand and Supply important figures on the app. Brands and advertisers are also interested in working with them.

demand and supply

Demand and Supply have a bright future in the world of social media as long as they keep making videos that is fun and interesting.

7.  Erkua Official

You can find Erkuah Official on TikTok. she has over 4 million followers, making her one of the most popular users on the app this year.


Even though not much was known about Erkuah, she became famous in Nigeria and Ghana because her posts kept going viral on social media sites.

Erkua Official


8. Nancy G

nancy G

Nancy Yamoah Gyimaa, better known as Nancy G, is one of Ghana’s most-followed TikTok stars. Over 576k people follow her on TikTok, and over 9.8 million people have liked her videos.

Nancy G

9. Made in Ghana

made in ghana

Made in Ghana is a comic actor from Ghana. How well he could mimic Shatta Wale drew attention to his talent.

He goes by the real name Richard Frimpong, and is a comedian who started out on Instagram but has since moved his videos to TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

made in ghana

A huge number of people love him, and he keeps them entertained with funny skits.

made in Ghana

10. Endurancegrand


Endurance Grand, the dancer became famous by sharing freestyle dance videos on social networks such as TikTok.

This year, she ruled TikTok with her freestyles, which amaze her fans on TikTok and Instagram with high-energy dance performances with her dancing group.


The TikTok dancer is one of the most famous dancers at Dwp Academy Accra, and 2.0 million people follow them on the app right now.

Get Familiar With Endurancegrand, Ghana's New Dancing Queen

These talented people have become very famous on TikTok, and their monthly earnings show how well they’ve done there.

These TikTok users in Ghana are making a good living from their creative videos on the app, thanks to brand partnerships and sponsored videos.

They have become some of the highest-paid people in the country for a good reason.

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