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“Too much s∃x is good, it makes you think well”- Ghanaian nurse reveals

Article summary

• Unidentified Ghanaian nurse delivers sex education message online.
• Claims frequent sexual activity improves cognitive abilities, happiness, and lowers blood pressure.
• Compares active sex life to daily happiness levels.
• Resultant debate sparks skepticism and concerns about potential misinformation.
• The remarks prompt reflection on sex’s role in promoting overall health and happiness.


An unidentified Ghanaian nurse has recently sparked controversy online by delivering a sex education message.

In a video that has gone viral, the nurse claimed that there are numerous advantages to engaging in frequent sexual activity.

Among the benefits she listed, the nurse confidently stated that having a high frequency of sex can lead to improved cognitive abilities and overall happiness.

Additionally, she asserted that regular sexual activity can help lower blood pressure and protect the heart from potential harm.

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Drawing a comparison between individuals who engage in frequent sex and those who do not, the nurse suggested that those who have a more active sex life tend to experience greater levels of happiness daily, while those who do not may be more prone to irritability.

The nurse’s statements have ignited a debate online, with many questioning the validity of her claims and expressing skepticism about the supposed benefits of excess sexual activity.

Some have also raised concerns about the potential spread of misinformation regarding sexual health and well-being.

Overall, the nurse’s controversial remarks have generated widespread attention and discussion, prompting individuals to reflect on the role of sex in promoting overall health and happiness.

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