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Top 7 rich young men in Ghana and their networth (photos)

Ghana has recently experienced a notable increase in the population of young men who have accumulated substantial wealth across diverse sectors.

Not only have these individuals accomplished a great deal of financial success at an early age, but they have also developed into noteworthy personalities in the community.

Not only have these young men established prosperous businesses, but they have also made significant contributions to the creation of jobs and the expansion of the economy in Ghana.

The stories of their achievements serve as a source of motivation for the younger generation, demonstrating to them that they, too, are capable of accomplishing great things if they put in the effort and remain determined.

To shed light on their journeys to success and the impact they have made on both the economic and social landscapes of Ghana, this article will reveal the top 7 wealthy young men in Ghana.

These young men come from a variety of fields, including entertainment and business.

7. Kofi Boat capture 2023 12 29T093858.622

Isaac Kofi Boateng, also known as Kofi Boat, constructed a state-of-the-art church on May 16. The man who is Shatta Wale’s godfather did this because he had a childhood vow to keep to God.

In 2019, Kofi Boat made waves when he allegedly delivered a Rolls-Royce automobile to Ghana for Rev. Obofour. A billionaire edition of Whisper of Ecstasy 3 was the car in question.

This is only one of many lavish whips and Ghanaian houses owned by Kofi Boat. Issac Kofi Boat is worth an estimated $8 million.

6. Richard Nii Armah Quaye capture 2023 12 29T094255.800

Richard Nii-Armah Quaye is an Angel Investor and youthful, award-winning entrepreneur who is widely regarded as one of the most promising international figures.

He has a wide range of commercial interests as a multinational businessman from Ghana.

Quick Credit & Investment Micro-Credit Limited is a micro-credit firm that Richard founded and chairs. It has a non-deposit-taking financial institution license from the Bank of Ghana.

Oya Micro-credit Company Ltd., which he founded and chairs, provides loans to young entrepreneurs in East and West African countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Right now, it is believed that Mr. Richard Nii-Armah Quaye has a net worth of ten million dollars.

5. Dr. Sledge Duodu capture 59

Dr. Sledge Duodu is the CEO of Goldridge Ghana Limited. One of Ghana’s most valuable resources is gold, which his company deals in.

He now represents Green Gold Ghana as an ambassador. On March 28, 2020, the president and chief executive officer of Goldridge Ghana Limited was bestowed with the distinction.

Dr. Sledge Duodo is a business tycoon and one of Ghnaa’s wealthiest young men. Though nobody knows for sure, he’s worth an estimated $250 million.

4. Dr. Kofi Amoa-Abban capture 60

Kofi Amoa-Abban is a businessman and philanthropist from Ghana who deals in oil and gas. He established Rigworld Group, a West African oil services company, and served as its chief executive officer. This is his most well-known accomplishment.

He established Rigworld in 2011 out of a modest office in Osu, Accra, Ghana, to service the expanding oil and gas sector in the country. Before that, he was a member of the drill crew for the TEAK1, TEAK2, and Banda Wells at Atwood Hunter.

The several businesses owned by Dr. Kofi Abban—including Rigworld International Services Ltd., Rigworld Solutions, Rigworld Training, Axiss Shipping, Transatlantic Services ltd., and more—are believed to be worth $500 million.

3. McDan 

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Founding, chairman, and chief executive officer of the McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley is a Ghanaian business magnate.

He founded Accra-based McDan Shipping Company in November 1999 with branches in Tema and Takoradi. Due to partnerships with Universal Freight Organization, Cross Trades, and World Cargo Alliance, the company is present in over 2000 major air and seaports worldwide.

He received the West Africa Regional magazine’s Achiever’s Award, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of West Africa Nominee in 2015, and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.

Dan McKorley is worth $600 million to $1 billion.

2. Kevin Okyere

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Kevin Okyere is the founder and presently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Springfield Energy, an oil company that is worth one billion dollars.

The businessman, who is now 43 years old, was featured on Forbes for his oil and gas company when he was 38 years old. As one of the “5 Young African Millionaires to Watch,”

As of right now, Kevin Okyere’s net worth is anywhere from 800 million to 1.2 billion dollars.

1. Freedom Jacob Caesar 

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Nana Kwame Bediako, often known as Freedom Jacob Caesar or Cheddar, is the CEO of Wonda World Estate.

He owns one of Ghana’s most eye-catching premium lodgings and mansions, offering tourists in Osu an alternative and refined lifestyle experience.

In 2019, he purchased the car of world football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, which increased his media prominence. Freedom Jacob Caesar’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 billion and $5 billion.

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