TV3 Presenter Anita Akuffo Shows No-Makeup Face for the 1st Time, Video Sparks Reactions

Media personality Anita Akua Akuffo has given her fans a rare look at her natural beauty by choosing to forgo her usual full makeup look.

Recently, she visited the salon to get her hair done and shared a video of the process on social media.

In the video posted on her Instagram page, Anita is seen sitting gracefully in a black and yellow dress while a male stylist works on her hair.

What stood out in the video was Anita’s bare face, free of any makeup. Despite not wearing any makeup, she still looked stunning.

In her caption, Anita expressed her preference for simplicity and ease in her beauty routine. She mentioned that she has worked with the stylist multiple times and has no plans of stopping.

The video of Anita Akuffo’s no-makeup look received positive reactions from her followers, with many complimenting her hairstyle and praising her glowing, natural skin.

Fans commented on how beautiful she looked without makeup and how her skin was glowing.

Overall, Anita’s decision to showcase her natural beauty was well-received by her fans.

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