Two popular prophets arrested for k!lling a 35-year-old woman for rituals

Four individuals have been taken into custody in connection with the murder of Sulaimon Adijat, a 35-year-old woman, for the purpose of money rituals.

Among those arrested are two Nigerian herbalists named Moses Abidemi and Oluwo Samuel Monday, as well as two prophets from the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Prophet Peter Oluwalolese and Prophet Jamiu Yusuf.

Additionally, three other suspects, Akinwunmi Ifatosin, Sheriff Agbai, and Osojieahen Alioneitouria, all from Uromi in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, were also apprehended for their involvement in the murder.

Reports indicate that this group of individuals is not only responsible for ritual killings but also engages in the illegal trade of human body parts.

Adijat had been reported missing in January, unaware that she had been victimized and used for money rituals. She was lured out on a date by Adebayo Olawale Azeez of Ajegunle road, Atan Ota, where she was subsequently kidnapped and murdered.

The arrests shed light on the dark and dangerous activities of this criminal gang, exposing their involvement in heinous crimes for financial gain.

The tragic loss of Adijat serves as a stark reminder of the brutality and ruthlessness of those who engage in such nefarious practices.

The authorities are working diligently to bring justice to the victim and ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

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