“Two Serwaas sl££ping With One Man For Coins & Trips, Their N’des Will L€@k Soon”- Medikal

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• Ghanaian musician Medikal, known as MDK, has revealed a video involving two Serwaas in Ghana who engage in sexual activities for money and luxury trips.

• The Serwaas are part of a private Snapchat group chat where they share explicit photos with an unidentified individual, referred to as Mr. Medikal.

• Medikal claims he has evidence to support his claims and plans to reveal the identity of Mr. Man.

• The post has sparked speculation about the identities and motives behind the revelations.




Recently, there was a lot of buzz on social media after popular Ghanaian musician Medikal, also known as MDK, announced that he had split up with his wife Fella.

Medikal has now made another shocking revelation concerning the release of a video involving someone named Serwaa.

According to Medikal, there are two Serwaas in Ghana who are engaged in sexual activities with the same person in exchange for money and luxurious trips.

Medikal also mentioned that they are part of a private group chat on Snapchat where they share explicit photos with an unidentified individual referred to as Mr. Medikal stated that he has evidence to back up his claims and will reveal the identity of this Mr. Man.

After Medikal’s statement, many of his followers linked the Serwaas to his ex-wife, with some believing that he was indirectly referring to her.

The post from Medikal has caused quite a stir online, with people speculating about the identities of the individuals involved and the motives behind the revelations.

It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and what impact it will have on those implicated in Medikal’s post.

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