Use a lawyer when signing contracts and don’t be too desperate – Kwesi Arthur advises young musicians

Kwesi Arthur, the popular artist behind the hit song “Woara,” recently offered some valuable advice to aspiring musicians in the country. Reports have surfaced on social media about internal conflict within the Ground Up Chale group, leading to the departure of Kwesi Arthur and others.

In an interview on 3Music TV, Kwesi Arthur admitted that he had made a mistake by signing a contract with Ground Up Chale without seeking legal counsel. He explained that at the time, he was young and desperate for success, which clouded his judgment.

Reflecting on his past decisions, Kwesi Arthur urged upcoming musicians not to repeat his mistake. He emphasized the importance of believing in one’s talent and not succumbing to desperation. He warned against rushing into contracts without thorough consideration and advised aspiring artists to seek legal advice before making any commitments.

Kwesi Arthur acknowledged that his lack of experience and knowledge about the music industry had led to his oversight. Despite his regrets, he encouraged young artists to learn from his experience and prioritize their long-term success over short-term gains.


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