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Video Of Kalybos And His Wife Chilling Abroad Warms Hearts On Social Media (watch video)


Ghanaian comedian and actor Kalybos and his wife, Antwiwaa, shared a heartwarming video on TikTok, showing them twinning in matching outfits while abroad.

The couple, dressed in orange sweaters, blue jeans, and boots, looked adorable as they walked hand in hand through the streets of London.

Their fans were thrilled to see the newlyweds enjoying themselves and looking happy together.

The video, captioned “Until you find it…. #MariRich #LondonVibes,” quickly gained popularity on TikTok, receiving numerous views and comments. Social media users expressed their admiration for Kalybos and Antwiwaa, with many congratulating them on their union.

The couple’s chemistry and love for each other were evident in the video, melting the hearts of their followers.

The couple’s fans showered them with love and well-wishes, with many remarking on how perfect they looked together.

The video served as a reminder to marry your best friend, with followers expressing their joy for the couple’s happiness.

Kalybos and Antwiwaa’s love story has captured the hearts of many, with their fans sending them blessings for a long and happy marriage.


@kalybos Until you find it…. #MariRich #LondonVibes ♬ original sound – kalybos1

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