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video of Kudus interacting with fans at a popular restaurant goes viral

Ghanaian football sensation, Mohammed Kudus, has taken the internet by storm with a candid video of him at a KFC restaurant. The West Ham star was captured in a laid-back ensemble of a tank top, shorts, and slides, seemingly enjoying a relaxed outing with his fans.

The sight of the football star inside the fast-food restaurant proved too irresistible for the staff, who couldn’t help but capture the moment on video.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows Kudus eagerly waiting for his food, only to be interrupted by a staff member recording the scene. The footballer, in a rather humorous tone, can be heard telling the worker in Twi, “Enough of the snap,” urging them to focus on serving his order.

However, the worker responded cheekily, stating, “You would die here, you won’t get it easy.” It’s clear that the staff were thrilled to have such a prominent customer, wanting to preserve the moment for posterity.

In another video, Kudus is seen surrounded by the KFC staff, who were eager to share the frame with the ‘star boy’. The videos have since been shared widely on social media, putting a spotlight on the footballer’s off-pitch antics.

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