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Video of pastor inserting his finger into the ‘V’ of a female church member goes viral online (Watch)

A viral video circulating on the internet depicts a shocking moment during a deliverance session involving a woman.

The video has raised concerns about the authenticity of certain religious leaders, as the rise of ‘fake’ men of God has led to skepticism among social media users.

The Bible warns about false prophets in the last days, adding to the suspicion surrounding such incidents.

In the video, a pastor is seen delivering a married woman from the spirit of barrenness. It is reported that despite being married for 15 years, the woman has not been able to conceive, causing strain on her marriage.

During the deliverance session, the pastor allegedly inserted his fingers inside the woman’s private area, which has sparked outrage and disbelief among viewers.

The video, originally shared by @danielmarven on Twitter, has garnered over 1 million views, prompting discussions about the boundaries and ethics of spiritual practices.

Many have expressed shock and concern over the pastor’s actions, questioning his intentions and the validity of his methods. The video serves as a reminder to be cautious and discerning when seeking spiritual guidance.

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