Viral video as Pastor inserts hand in woman’s pr!Vate part during deliverance

A pastor in Uganda has gained significant attention due to his unconventional method of performing miracles, particularly on women. In a recent video that has stirred controversy, the pastor can be seen reaching into a woman’s intimate area, with the purported aim of retrieving an object believed to be causing her discomfort or illness.

The pastor, whose identity remains undisclosed, is known for his unusual style of miracle healing that involves extracting peculiar objects from those who submit to his methods. These objects, ranging from small items to cotton-like substances, are purportedly causing the ailments and discomfort experienced by his followers.

In the latest video that has taken the internet by storm, the pastor is seen performing an incantation before proceeding to insert his hand into the woman’s private part. After a few moments, he manages to extract a cotton-like object, which he claims was lodged in the woman’s womb.

This unconventional method of miracle healing has sparked varying reactions. Some followers staunchly defend the pastor’s methods, citing personal experiences of healing and relief. Others, however, have criticized these practices as unorthodox and potentially harmful, calling for a more thorough investigation into the pastor’s practices.

As the video continues to circulate widely, this Ugandan pastor remains at the center of a heated debate about the boundaries of religious practices and the ethics of his unique approach to healing.

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