Watch Video Of Women In Hijab Tw3rk!ng To A Song

A video showing women in hijabs dancing provocatively to a song has sparked a heated debate on social media. Some viewers argue that the women in the video are not Muslims, as they are seen dancing during Ramadan, a holy month of fasting for Muslims.

However, others are adamant that the women in the video are indeed Muslim and are simply enjoying themselves.

They claim that the women are expressing their faith by saying “hijab Allah, booty for Abdallah” while dancing.

The video has garnered a significant amount of attention online, with many people expressing conflicting opinions about the appropriateness of the women’s actions.

Some believe that the women are disrespecting their religion by dancing in such a manner, while others argue that they have the right to express themselves in any way they choose.

Overall, the video has sparked a larger conversation about the intersection of religion and personal expression in the age of social media.


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